5 of the Most Unique Golf Courses in the World

Golf has become a worldwide phenomenon. The golf market is currently exploding all over the world. Since it’s becoming such a popular sport, golf courses are becoming more and more elaborate. Beautiful courses in the Hamptons and California are famous for their immaculate greens, beautiful designs, and resistance to scoring. With the increase in interest in golf these beautiful and perfect courses aren’t the only ones being built. We are seeing a rise in the creation of unique courses as well. Some courses are being built on cliffs while others are constructed in abandoned cement factories. This list features five of the most unique and exotic golf courses around the world.

Kauri Cliffs at Matauri Bay, New Zealand  

Kauri Cliffs

This par 72 championship golf course is 7,119 yards long and is currently ranked #39 in the world by Golf Digest Top 100 Greatest Golf Courses in the World. It offers five sets of tees to test people of all skill levels. The course features 15 holes, six of which border the plunging cliffs over the Pacific Ocean. Inland holes are found between marsh, forests and farmland. The mix of beautiful cliffside and interesting inland geographies makes this course truly unique and memorable.

One hole course in Panmunjom, A village between North and South Korea


While not a full golf course this interesting par 3 one-hole course is called “the world’s most dangerous golf course.” If you hit a ball off the course the chances are high that it will end in one of the minefields that surrounds the course on three sides. The course was built as part of Camp Bonifas, home of the United Nations Command Security Battalion, whose primary mission was to monitor and enforce the Armistice Agreement of 1953 between North and South Korea. The village is currently located in the heavily militarized truce village straddling the Military Demarcation Line between North and South Korea.

Nirwana Bali Golf Course, Indonesia

Nirwana Bali Golf Course, Indonesia

For those of us that don’t live near rice patties this course offers something truly special.

This course features three holes along the cliffs of the Indian Ocean as well as hazards made of terraced rice paddies. Nirwana Bali Golf Course is one of the most visually beautiful courses in the world. Everyone who golfs here is given a caddy for the day to assist them. All of the caddies are knowledgeable, outgoing and definitely make the experience better.

Furnace Creek Golf Course, Death Valley, CA

Furnace Creek Golf Course, Death Valley, CA

This course can be found in the middle of Death Valley, 214 feet below sea level, making it the world’s lowest altitude golf course. It is also one of the hottest golf courses in the world. Temperatures usually spike to around 130 degrees during the summer. As a result most people try to reserve an early tee time to avoid the heat of the day. Being in the middle of the desert there are many interesting hazards found here such as families of coyotes. The scenery is also unique. The valley is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush green trees that perfectly contrast the dry desert. Just a 2 hour drive from Las Vegas, this course is the perfect getaway.

Bay Harbor Golf Club, Petoskey, Michigan


The site of this course is an abandoned cement factory and quarry. It features 27 holes throughout three different courses. Located along the coastline, ancient sand dunes, lush woodlands, rugged rock formations and the vast ocean are your beautiful backdrop. Many of the holes are known to be difficult, especially on windy days. The different terrain of the three courses and the difficulty of the holes makes this course extremely unique.