Steve Rice is a Hole in One!

Steve Rice GolfSteve Rice, owner of Rice Financial Consulting, Inc., is a widely recognized, motivated financial advisor who works diligently at all tasks he is involved in. However, when he isn’t working, Steve enjoys playing and watching golf, a sport he has been associated with for a long time.

For Steve, playing golf is a great way to spend time with his family, especially his wife, Linda. The two enjoy exploring various golf terrain during time off from work and recognize that no two golf courses are alike. Steve plays more than 100 rounds per year and has been fortunate to play at a wide range of courses in the United States as well as abroad. But, rather than dedicating to golf on a extremely competitive level, Steve plays in friendly tournaments that his friends and associates are affiliated with.

Steve Rice has also volunteered at many golf tournaments throughout the years. He was very fortunate to be a volunteer at the 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, and worked on the 18th hole when Tiger Woods won his first U.S. Open by a record-setting fifteen strokes over Ernie Els and Miguel Angel Jimenez. At the time, Steve was working as a marshall on the 18th green and ended being just ten feet away from the trophy presentation that day. Steve remembers this as an life-changing event for the world of golf and is thankful that he was a part of it.

Growing up, Steve Rice always played golf sporadically with his friends but did not get serious about it until the past decade. He now recognizes that sports have the beautiful ability to bring people together, whether strangers or families, and golf has been the number one sport in Steve’s life that does so. Steve continues to play golf as often as he can, and appreciates all aspects of it – from exploring different golf courses with his wife, to witnessing professional players make golf history.